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A Women-led, Organic Landscaping Company Based in New Orleans, LA

Our Mission

Known for crafting lush and lively gardens adored by humans, birds, bees, and butterflies alike, Fig Tree Landscapes creates at the nexus of art and ecology.


We cultivate beautiful landscapes that unify urban life and nature while running a business that nurtures people, the Earth, and community. 


Knowing that people are happier and healthier when they spend more time outside, we find joy in creating outdoor sanctuaries that invite people to slow down and connect with nature.

Our Vision


The fig tree is a symbol of abundance, and as we grow we strive to become holistically regenerative so that people, plants, pollinators, soil organisms – every aspect of the system under our care – can thrive. 

We aim to expand the intersection of ecological sensitivity and outrageous beauty.  Through constant learning, our gardens will become more and more a part of the solution to our collective ecological crisis while simultaneously raising the bar on aesthetic standards.

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